Nittel and Surroundings

The great border triangle

What would be the best word the English language provides to explain our outstanding location full of nature, culture, history?
Diversity? Multiplicity? Plurality? Variety?

Walk through the vineyards or along the Mosel river and give your soul a good refreshment. Stroll around the smooth hills and discover great nature and Roman history. Play a good session of golf or just sit lazy on a bench to enjoy the great views over the countryside. Visit the oldest town of Germany Trier, have a coffee in the tiny and really cute Saarburg or drive to Luxemburg to live and feel the international flair and European spirit. Discover history and modern times, sports activities and laziness, culinary high-end and  human simplicity.
Get away for a few days, come to see us and please tell us what the best word would be…

(To make things even easier for you we have preselected a few interesting websites for you)

Porta Nigra Trier Nittel Umgebung Mosel Dom Trier Nittel Umgebung Mosel Schloss Trier Nittel Umgebung Mosel Saarburg Nittel Umgebung Mosel Saar Saarburg Nittel Umgebung Mosel Saar Luxemburg Nittel Umgebung Mosel Luxemburg Nittel Umgebung Mosel